“When I sought Samantha’s help with my life long issues with food, I desperately hoped she could help me, but I didn’t honestly believe that she would be able to. Thankfully, Samantha believed she could and I decided to put my trust in her. It was the best thing I could have done! The process took longer than it might have, as I didn’t always do my homework. Working with Samantha is a team effort! Despite this, Samantha never once doubted my ability to change and gave her unconditional support throughout the process. In fact an appointment I nearly cancelled because I was so sure I couldn’t change, turned out to be the most important session! Food no longer rules my life, I have reduced my weight significantly, but more than any of that I am free of the eating disorder that ruled my life for so many years. If you want help, but secretly fear that you are beyond help, then call Samantha today. She will have belief in you, even when you have none in yourself, and can show you how to change your life!”