Re-wire Your Brain

Until fairly recently it was thought that the brain developed in childhood and remained fairly fixed throughout our adult life. However research has proved that the brain adapts and changes throughout our whole life. This is known as neuroplasticity.

This is great news for anyone who wants to change! Perhaps you want to change an old behaviour or habit. Or maybe you are fed up of a way of thinking or feeling. The good news is that you can re-wire your brain and do it remarkably quickly.

The brain is made up of millions of nerve cells called neurons. Each one is connected to thousands of others via branch-like structures. When we keep thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same pain and emotions, the connections between neurons is strengthened to convey the signal more easily next time. When a thought or experience is repeated often enough, the connection become stronger and the number of connections increases. If you think the same thoughts and carry out the same habits and behaviours repeatedly,  those experiences become hard-wired into your brain. The same neural networks fire over and over again. The neural connections physically thicken and strengthen. Think of this like a well-worn pathway through a dense forest.

When you think in a different way, or when you learn or experience something new, thousands of new neural connections are established very quickly. If those new connections aren’t strengthened with repetition they’ll soon disappear – but if we keep remembering the new thoughts and memories, and practicing the new habits those connections will quickly become stronger. Those new connections are like new pathways through the forest – the more often those pathways are trodden – the easier they’ll be to walk down and the old pathways no longer used will soon grow over. Neural pathways no longer used disappear remarkably quickly.

The basic principle of neuroplasticity is that nerve cells that fire together, wire together

Hypnotherapy helps you to easily establish new ways of thinking and feeling, and this leads to new healthy habits and behaviours. I’m constantly amazed by how quickly people can overcome a wide variety of issues including anxiety, phobias, depression, low confidence and self-esteem, sleep problems and unwanted habits, like nail biting or smoking.

With hypnotherapy you are quite literally changing the structure of your brain, thanks to neuroplasticity. How amazing is that!

This 2 minute video explains neuroplasticity quickly and simply…

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