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Banish Procrastination with NLP

How to overcome procrastination using an easy to understand and apply NLP method called “The Swish Pattern”

I was able to overcome my procrastination in writing posts for my blog using the swish pattern. Here’s how to use and apply it to anything that you may be putting off…and putting off.

So here it is – my first blog post. It’s been a long time coming as I kept, well, procrastinating. I kept telling myself I’d start when I finished my studies, then when I finished writing my website…then when the website was ready to go live. I had been procrastinating for a long time. “What shall I write about? Will anyone bother to read it? What will they think?” – on and on, these thoughts kept going through my head.

So here’s how I used the Swish pattern – one of my favourite simple NLP techniques – to stop procrastinating and get motivated to start writing my blog.


Sit in a comfortable, upright position with arms and legs uncrossed

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths – focusing my attention on my breathing for a few moments just to relax and unwind a little.


The old image

I imagined a large TV screen with my procrastination on it – all the images, feelings and thoughts representing my procrastination.


Change channels

I moved this to the side and imagined another screen – this time with me happily, enthusiastically blogging away – writing stuff that other people want to read and find interesting, inspiring and helpful. My positive thoughts, feelings of confidence – how different I looked doing this – all up there on the screen.


Winding up for the swish

I then imagined the positive image shrinking down small (like minimising a window on the computer) and the procastinating image large; although this time I associated into it.


The swish

I counted to 3 and then in my mind said ‘SWISH’ as I imagined the positive image expanding quickly to cover the negative procrastinating image.

I looked at the new image on the screen and spent a few moments noticing the differences in the feelings, the words, the image itself…. and then I imagined the screen going blank.


Reprise and tone down the colour

Once again I imagined myself in the negative procrastinating image but this time I faded out the colour, so it became black, white and grey. Then I SWISHED again making the colours in my positive image brighter, more vivid and real. After enjoying this for a few moments I made the screen goes blank.


Swish again, big time!

Once again I imagined myself in the negative procrastinating image, now colourless; just black, white and grey. And this time I turned down the sound, all those words and negative thoughts became muted, muffled, hard to hear – and then I SWISHED again to my positive image, making the sounds and words louder, more crisp and clear, positive, joyful and melodious. After enjoying this for a few moments I made the screen go blank.


Swish and intensify

Again I imagined myself in the negative procrastinating image in black, white and grey, with muted sounds. This time I imagined the scene breaking up – as if there is a problem with the aerial – noticing all the negative feelings fading away, and I SWISHED again – intensifying all the wonderful feelings – making the image brighter, more vivid – the words clear, crisp, positive and inspiring.

As I imagined looking at this picture I told myself that this is the reality I want – I took some time to notice how confident I look, how natural, comfortable, happy, enthusiastically writing my blog – the words flowing effortlessly. I told myself how much I want this and then imagined stepping into it and experiencing it … seeing, hearing, feeling as if I was actually there … seeing the results, experiencing how good it feels, hearing the sounds and the positive words I say to myself. And noticing how natural, how easy it is, how everything flows…enjoyably. I spent some time enjoying this and noticed the wider effects in my life that come from releasing my procrastination.


Good manners cost nothing

Finally I thank my unconscious mind for helping me overcome my procrastination and exit the swish pattern.

The final step is to set a goal – one that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART). So my goal is to write a blog, about hypnotherapy or a related subject, at least twice a month – that feels realistic and achievable for now.

So what are your experiences of using the Swish pattern to overcome procrastination? Let me know, I’d be fascinated to hear of them! Whether you’ve been putting off going to the gym, starting a diet, or beginning a project of some kind – start swishing today to get motivated, achieve your goals and share your experiences of banishing procrastination from your life!

As always, any questions you have will be happily answered.

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