Hypnotherapy is a powerful and enjoyable therapy that will support you to take control of your life, discover your inner strengths and resources, achieve your goals and live life to the full.



Hypnotherapy is a powerful and enjoyable therapy that will support you to take control of your life, discover your inner strengths and resources, achieve your goals and live life to the full.

My aim as a hypnotherapist is to help you be the best you can be. I can help you let go of the past, overcome the blocks holding you back, tap into your inner resources and reclaim your true self. Perhaps even discover your true, authentic self for the first time. I help clients to change their mindset. Maybe you want to feel more calm and relaxed, to be more confident, to sleep better or to reach your ideal weight? When you shift your mindset, you can change your life.

Hypnotherapy helps with a wide range of issues and conditions including; anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, sleep problems, hot flushes, phobias, weight loss, poor confidence and self-esteem, unwanted habits, nervous habits, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, persistent headaches and pain management. Many clients come to see me with a complex weave of many different issues, and that’s ok – you don’t have to be able to pinpoint one specific problem. There are many other issues that can be effectively addressed with hypnotherapy – if you’re not sure please get in touch to see if I can help.

So many problems, both psychological and physical, have stress or anxiety at their root. My clients often find that when stress and anxiety is addressed the benefits ripple out to every area of life. Using hypnotherapy I can help you learn to relax more easily; stop the cycle of worrying or critical thoughts and self-doubt; enhance your confidence, self-esteem and self-belief, ultimately leading to greater fulfilment and enjoyment in life.
Most people find hypnotherapy a deeply relaxing, calming and uplifting experience that often brings rapid results, improving both emotional and physical well-being. It’s not unusual for clients to comment that it’s the most relaxed that they’ve ever felt after their first session!

I use a combination of psychological therapies with hypnosis, including cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy and NLP. We start with a comprehensive consultation which helps me to understand you and plan your sessions. I don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach – your hypnotherapy sessions will be designed to suit your individual needs.

If you feel ready to make positive changes, you’ll find hypnotherapy to be an empowering experience that will enable you to take control of your life, discover your inner strengths and resources, achieve your goals and live life to the full. My aim is to bring out the best in you. Ready to find out more? Please get in touch to book your free consultation….I’d love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes I am. I trained at the Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis and am listed under the college directory. I was awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, considered the gold standard in hypnotherapy qualifications, and also have a General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice. I’m a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and the CNHC.

As a professional I’m committed to on-going training and supervision to keep my skills and knowledge up to date. I’ve completed additional specialist hypnotherapy training in anxiety management, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, menopause relief, pain management and weight loss. I’m also a BWRT® practitioner and very excited to bring this rapid and dynamic therapy to Devon.

Hypnosis is an everyday experience that we’re all familiar with. When you’re driving on autopilot, absorbed in a creative project or even just day-dreaming, you’re experiencing a light state of hypnosis. Hypnosis is not like sleep, nor are you unconscious, though it’s similar to the state in between sleep and being fully awake. It’s simply a state of focused inner absorption.

People often mistakenly believe that hypnosis is a passive process, something that is done to you, but it actually requires your full participation. We’ll discuss what you want to achieve, then I’ll guide you to use your imagination in order to create the changes you’re aiming for. Hypnotherapy can help you to create lasting, positive change through simple yet powerful imagery techniques and suggestions. There’s nothing magical or mystical about hypnotherapy – it’s a practical, down-to-earth therapy, backed up by research and based on sound scientific principles.

Most people find hypnosis a very relaxing, calming and enjoyable experience. It’s common to have increased awareness of pleasant feelings and sensations in your body. Many experience a sense of comfortable heaviness, lightness or a floating sensation; although sometimes it feels just like relaxing or day dreaming with your eyes closed. While the majority of people are aware of and remember everything, others will find they only have a vague memory of the session. Everyone is different and will experience hypnosis in their own unique way. Most people find hypnosis leaves them with a deep sense of inner peace and harmony.

Each session begins with some talking therapy – not all your time with me will be in hypnosis, though most of it will. I use a variety of techniques to help you shift your mindset, so that you can achieve your goals. My aim is to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible and in an enjoyable way. I don’t do any analytical work and won’t dig into the past unless absolutely necessary. On occasion it may be necessary to address problems or events from the past, but we can do this with minimal discussion and there’s no re-experiencing of uncomfortable or traumatic events.

I will guide you in some simple imagination exercises to help you develop a relaxed inner focus. When you’re experiencing hypnosis your mind is more open and suggestible to positive new ideas and different ways of thinking, which then leads to new habits, beliefs, feelings and behaviours. So I’ll guide you to imagine and mentally rehearse various scenarios and ideas to help you achieve the changes you’re aiming for. You’ll be seated for all hypnosis sessions – in my view lying down for hypnotherapy is very old-fashioned and doesn’t fit with my style or beliefs about the therapeutic process. I want you to be actively involved and engaged in all hypnosis sessions – not falling asleep.

In addition to the work we do together, we’ll explore various life skills for you to use at home which may include for example journaling, emotional awareness, mindfulness and self-hypnosis.

Most clients will need between four and six sessions for effective change. Simple phobias may be resolved in fewer sessions, more complex issues may require longer.

Remember that hypnosis is not something done to you. It’s a collaborative process in which the hypnotherapist is your guide and, using your imagination as suggested, you make it happen for yourself. Anyone who can understand and follow simple guidance can benefit from hypnotherapy. If you’re ready for change and approach hypnotherapy with an open mind and a positive expectation, then you’ll definitely experience hypnosis. Read more on this subject on my blog here

With both hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis expectation is key. So if you go to see a hypnotherapist to stop smoking the expectation that it will work and the belief that you will give up as a result is of paramount importance. Similarly when someone goes to see a stage hypnotist they expect to be entertained and will have some idea – expectation – of the nature of that entertainment. When you watch a stage hypnotist on TV bear in mind there’s a lot that you’re not seeing…More

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m here to help.

Samantha is not only very professional but has a demeanor that is calm and intuitive, making a safe & relaxing environment. Samantha has helped me work through some deep-rooted stuff. I would happily recommend.
Donna, Buckfastleigh
Samantha put me at ease straight away and explained everything that we were doing, which helped me feel more relaxed. I have had numerous therapies over the past 20 years, but I can honestly say that none of them have been as successful as the hypnotherapy. I would definitely recommend Samantha to anyone who wants help to overcome anxiety. It's given me a fresh outlook on life.
Clare, Bridport
When I sought Samantha's help with my life long issues with food, I desperately hoped she could help me, but I didn't honestly believe that she would be able to. Thankfully, Samantha believed she could and I decided to put my trust in her. It was the best thing I could have done! The process took longer than it might have, as I didn't always do my homework. Working with Samantha is a team effort! Despite this, Samantha never once doubted my ability to change and gave her unconditional support throughout the process. In fact an appointment I nearly cancelled because I was so sure I couldn't change, turned out to be the most important session! Food no longer rules my life, I have reduced my weight significantly, but more than any of that I am free of the eating disorder that ruled my life for so many years. If you want help, but secretly fear that you are beyond help, then call Samantha today. She will have belief in you, even when you have none in yourself, and can show you how to change your life!
Sam, Exmouth
My initial visit to Samantha was for a 'mind spa' which was a present from my son. This was such a lovely and relaxing session that I booked further appointments to help me with long standing sleep problems (30 years). With Samantha's guidance, assistance, strategies and advice with the added benefit of a CD, I am now able to sleep at night. A big thank you, Samantha.
Jo, Paignton
Before my appointments my phobia (of vomit) completely controlled my life. I wouldn’t go out very often, missed a lot of school due to being worried about catching a bug. But since my hypnotherapy I hardly even think of it, I can go out without having to plan and think about the risks of catching a bug. I’ve been able to continue with my job, which I was close to quitting due to my phobia. I can’t even remember the last time I had a panic attack. Sounds very cliche but it really has changed my life for the better!
Erin, Lyme Regis
Thank you Samantha for all your help, I now look forward to exploring many things again and being the independent person I lost nearly 20 years ago due to panic attacks. Thank you for everything, I would not hesitate to recommend you.
NC, Seaton
Thursday, August 31, 2017

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